22nd May 2019
Written by
Anna Kate

First evva BLOG post

Ahh so my first ever blog post (and a teeny one at that) and my first ever WEBSITE. Have I any clue whatsoever about what I’m doing here?! No absolutely not, but gonna wing it anyway! 

Feeling absolutely ecstatic that my little business is keeping me busy and allowing me to grow to where I want to be, I genuinely cannot thank my supporters enough. 

Been keeping a tight lid on this new little gem (well mainly cos it’s taken me forevvvvorr,soz!) but now prepare to be heavy spammed with a whole loada stuff I’ve been getting upto, what I’ve been creating and who I’ve been making into fabulous new nail techs!!! (Expect some doggo chat too, of course)


Hearing Loss Awareness
We've got a new website!
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