19th October 2020
Written by
Anna Kate

Hearing Loss Awareness

This post isn’t about my face, it’s about that tiny wee tube at my ears. My hearing aids. 


2yrs ago I lost my hearing in both ears. One day, boom, hearing gone. No cause, No cure. 

I now wear hearing aids in both ears for tinnitus (that super annoying constant ringing) and for the hearing loss. Wearing the aids doesn’t give us full hearing and communication can be a struggle, we rely on clear lip reading, sign language and subtitles. 


I’m using this post to spread awareness of us that are hard of hearing & deaf. 

We are here. Don’t isolate us. 

We’re deaf, not rude. 

It does matter what you said, help us. 

If we answer the wrong thing, tell us. 



Instagram have recently introduced automatic captions to IGTV, which is BRILLIANT ?? 

When you upload an IGTV video, you'll be able to toggle on 'Auto-Generated Captions' in your caption settings. The accuracy of the generated text will, of course, be relative to a the clarity of the audio in the clip, but it will help to open up your IGTV content to a broader audience, while also expanding potential viewing by those looking to watch with sound off.


We want to engage with your talking posts, we want to know and be involved with what you’re discussing. 


Taking this opportunity also to give @rachels a shout-out, Rachel is deaf, a talented nail tech and is a true inspiration ? keep doing what you’re doing girl, you’re amazing ?


@lornaluxe puts in great effort to caption her posts, Lorna talks about fashion, makeup, skincare routines and her beautiful holidays. Thoroughly enjoy watching these, thank you ?


@scratchmagazine have a video blog which I’ve recently discovered has subtitles too. Yessss ? thank you!!


Despite the frustration, anxiety & stress, I REFUSE to give up! I am soooooo grateful with how patient everyone is and worked with me throughout it all ❤️


Please remember: Communicating with people can be tiring at best, face masks being mandatory has been one of our biggest obstacles, you can remove your mask to talk to us. It’s allowed!


Much love,






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